Introducing the Green City Challenge Set!

An introduction to robotics course for students!

In January 2011, LEGO® Education will launch the first LEGO-branded and developed introduction to robotics themed set!

The Green City Challenge Set and Green City Challenge Activity Pack center around the theme of renewable energy and are ideal as a classroom beginner package or in-class competition set.

Students are introduced to the world of robotics by first exploring basic programming maneuvers utilizing one of three training mats. Each training activity focuses on one of the four main LEGO sensors – light, ultrasonic, touch, and sound – and enables students to explore and enhance their programming and sensor knowledge.

After students have completed the training phase and are confident in their robotic building and programming skills, they are presented with the Green City Challenge. The challenge consists of a number of missions simulating real-life engineering problems, each environmentally focused and conducted on the Green City Competition Mat.

As students complete each challenge mission, they are awarded an energy brick. When all missions are complete, students use their collected energy bricks to power the “Green City.”

Each of the Green City Challenge missions are designed with three skill levels in mind: basic, moderate, and high. This enables teachers to select a level most appropriate for their students based on class progress or individual understanding of robotics. The three levels can also be used to offer extension challenges to further expand classroom curricula.

The Green City Challenge Set contains three training mats, a challenge mat, and more than 1,300 elements to build challenge models such as a wind turbine and power plant.

The Green City Challenge Activity Pack offers seven easy-to-follow training activities plus challenge missions. Student worksheets, building instructions, programming examples, teacher notes, extension ideas, and mission rules are provided to ensure an easy-to-implement and easy-to-facilitate classroom environment.

A Green City Challenge Combo Pack is also available and includes both the Green City Challenge Set and Green City Challenge Activity Pack at a discount bundle price.

The Green City Challenge Set and Activity Pack are designed for use with the LEGO MINDSTORMS® Education NXT Base Set and LEGO MINDSTORMS Education NXT Software, each sold separately.

To learn more about LEGO Education robotics, contact your local LEGO Education Consultant.

Note: Preorders will be processed and billed when shipping begins in January 2011.

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